Well hello there!

If you are reading this, you have somehow stumbled upon our humble little blog. It doesn’t look like much at the moment, as it is just getting started, but give it some time. =)

Allow me to introduce myself. I am SoVeryAary, or simply Aary for short. A little about me just to set the context of our posts: I am currently a junior Biology major living on campus at a university. I intend to use my major to become a zoologist and work hands-on with animals someday. I love reading, shopping, and pretty much ANYTHING shiny. That being said, if you have even LOOKED at the title of this blog, I think it goes without saying that I am absolutely, positively, 100% a nerd girl, and very proud of it.

I am a “girl gamer,” as it were. I play RPGs mostly, especially Final Fantasy and .Hack. I also have a HUGE slight obsession with Nintendo. I currently rock a PS2, a Nintendo Wii, a 3DS, a DS lite, a GameBoy Advance, and Gameboy Advance SP. Unfortunately I have not gotten my greedy little hands on an Xbox 360 or PS3 due mostly to the fact that I’m a poor college student that has WAY too many hobbies. I’ve also played MMOs extensively such as WoW, Aion, and now currently League of Legends (which is an action RTS but lets not get too boring with the specifics – we kill shit and thats awesome).

Furthermore, I watch anime and read manga. I’m mostly into the older animes (my favorite by FAR is Hellsing), because I got out of the loop for a couple years and am still catching up on whats good in that world. My blogging cohort Tingle and myself run the anime/gaming convention circuits, and do cosplay.

I’m a rave girl.

Oh. And I’m boycrazy. And currently very single.

The posts you can expect me to publish will most likely go along these guidelines:

  • Vlogs of our adventures at the various cons we attend.
  • Cosplays I do or plan to do, and the process of how I make them.
  • My current frustrations/celebrations of the games I am currently playing. When I finally start the Fatal Frame series, you can expect full coverage of that.
  • Adventures in nerd-dom involving anything from comic stores we visit to the MTG (Magic: the Gathering) cards we just bought.
  • Reviews of movies, books, games, music, whatever.
  • Posts about my rave experiences (no I do not do drugs. Music IS my drug.)
  • Boys (especially nerd boys).
  • Pretty much anything I damn well please.

FYI: we will may curse a little. Nothing that would make you want to avert thine eyes or ears permanently, but sometimes a situation just calls for it. You have been warned.

Anyway, Tingle’s introduction should be along within the next day or so. Bear with us as we get this thing up and running!

Stay tuned for our first video compilation of our first con as Nerd Girls IRL – A&G Ohio!