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I am Tingle. When you read my name, you may think of my estranged brother who is a bit…out of touch…with reality. We tried very hard for several years to bring him back to earth, but nothing helped…we once tried staging an intervention with A&E, but even their therapists couldn’t get through to him.  In the end, we were forced to send him to live in the land of Hyrule, where he is very content.  It’s been difficult. Luckily, I’ve had the wonderful support of SoVeryAary (from this point forward know as Aary) to help get me through this very dark and painful point in my life.

But anyway, I have a history of nerd-dom, including video games, anime, Magic the Gathering (MTG) and a vast array of other nerdish tendencies.  Although I started gaming when I was very young, my first system was the PlayStation.  While most kids my age were playing Pokémon and Mario, I was kicking ass in Tekken. During middle school, I became enchanted with the world of Harry Potter, and my gaming was put on the back burner…POTTERHEAD FOR LIFE!

Upon entering high school I began to get back into gaming little by little, but once I reached college, I found my people!  College nights filled with watching anime, Humans vs Zombies, bad guy beat-downs, and MTG.  As I got to know my fellow nerds more and more, I was eventually introduced to the world of conventions…the rest, as they say, is history 🙂

What to expect from me:

  • Cosplay ideas/preparation/results
  • Expectations/memories of conventions I attend
  • Reviews of games, books, movies, music and the like
  • The latest rage quit moments I encounter (there will be lots of these…be prepared*)
  • Nerd Time stories
  • Boys (especially of the nerd type)
  • And in the words of the wonderful Aary…pretty much anything I damn well please.

So there ya have it!  I’m Tingle. The real one. Accept it. Believe it. Love it. ❤

*Any phrase I post that is found in a popular movie, must be stated in the proper voice. ALWAYS. If you did not read “be prepared” in an evil Scar voice (perhaps even singing it), please return and read it properly now…see, way better, you’re welcome 🙂