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Hokay So. Animation and Gaming Ohio…Here we go.

Aary has already shared her thoughts on A&Gcon, most of which I agree with, so there is no need for me to rehash all the negativity.  All I wish to mention is that many of the issues were caused by the venue, all of which are solved by a recent post made by AandG Ohio:

For those who have NOT read the website: we are NOT going back to the GWL for 2013. No way in Hell! I am sorry for the crap treatment of our fans and appalled a professional organization could do what they did.

However disappointing the overall experience may have been, I plan on returning next year for a few wonderful reasons.

Our con-sluts group has decided that the following equation best describes what happened at A&Gcon: boring convention=more free time=more party time=more drinking=more drinking=more drinking=CRAZY AWESOME DRUNKEN SHENANIGANS! (with a few minor mishaps)! These drunken shenanigans proved to be quite an experience! From mistakenly drinking Everclear, to perching like birds, to being attacked with Nerf guns, tons of fun was had.

The single most redeeming quality of A&Gcon were the guests.  They were fucking amazing.  I only interacted with one, but oh goodness was it great…DC Douglas!  Now the fangirl comes out. It began on Friday for the autograph session.  Upon introducing myself as Tingle, DC Dougals proceeded to make multiple sexual remarks about my last name. “Oh! You feel it too? I thought it was just me” *FANGIRL* Later that night, he was visiting with some of the DJ’s who would be performing at the rave (big thanks to DJ Z3r0 for hooking me up with those awesome people).  Upon stepping outside for some fresh air, I encountered DC Douglas, at which point he remembered me! *FANGIRL*  (Then came the Everclear with lots of ‘OMGIMDRUNK’ and ‘OMGTHERE’SDCDOULAS’) Saturday night DC Douglas held a sobriety panel that really wasnt about sobriety at all!  As Aary and I sat with our group of fellow con-sluts, he began asking trivia questions, and The Asian ROCKED THE HOUSE! The Asian ended up winning a copy of Rescue Bots, Mass Effect 2 for Xbox, and a copy of Mass Effect 3 for PS3. I must now pause and express the deep love and gratitude I have for The Asian…because of his generosity, and perhaps my very persuasive eyes, I walked away with a FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF MASS EFFECT 3!

Again, thank you so much Asian Man!

At the end of the weekend, the wonderful guests, my awesome con sluts, and the overall affordability of A&Gcon, caused me to look forward to my return to a hopefully (very) revamped Animation And Gaming Ohio 2013!