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I’m currently playing through Mass Effect 2 before I am able to start playing Mass Effect 3.  Until this afternoon, the game had been fairly easy, I had only died like three times…

Not so much anymore.  When recruiting the Arch-Angel, the game got *profanity profanity profanity profanity profanity* hard. WTF? I couldn’t live for more than a couple minutes at a time, and it was stupidly hard to make progress.  As per usual, I was raging; however, I was unable to express my frustration properly because my 7 year old cousin was watching me play.  When she saw how annoyed I was getting, this was her response:

Some games are hard, and some games are easy. They just want to challenge you and make you better. Like when I played that other game (Resident Evil 5) of yours…It was really hard, because I had never played a game like that before, but it just challenged me, and I will get better if I play again.