I haven’t posted in a while and quite honestly it’s killing me. However, being the college student that I am, this is crunch time for me and you probably won’t see a decent post from me until this weekend. Just letting the interwebs know that I am not dead, nor have I abandoned this blog. As for Tingle, I’m not sure whats up with her. I hope she’s not dead, I love her too much for that to happen. It was her birthday last week, by the way. She’s totally 21 and totally legal in all regards now. Unlike me, who still has…4 months. Bollocks.

Anyway, lots of exams and papers and studying and junk to worry about. Currently, I’m running on about 3 – 4 hours of sleep. Not awesome. However… teasers for my next post: It will involve cosplay and Assassin’s Creed.

Much Love!