DayGlow October 2011
Me and my friends, prepared for paint and color!


So I kinda lied about the whole cosplay/Assassin’s Creed post. I was goign to do that, then I realized that DayGLOW is in four days, and I’ve psyched myself to the point where I’ve no interest in talking about ANYTHING else in my post.

This post will be the first of at least two or three for April 2012 involving the world of DayGlow. For those who are unaware as to what DayGlow is, please direction your attention to the video link below. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

No, we do not live in Miami. But this is the trailer I show everyone because it shows pretty much everything. ITS A HUGE FUCKING PAINT PARTY RAVE. This is LITERALLY what I live for. Bass drops, getting messy, and HOURS of dancing. I have never felt more alive than when I was at DayGlow in October 2011. And it’s happening again. Thursday. BUT BIGGER. The first time they were in town, it was experimental and they didn’t put a TON of resources into the show – and it was phenomenal.

So now they’ve returned – bigger and better than before! Dress code still applies – YOU MUST wear a white tee. And the girls get scantily clad 😉 HUGE headliner: Dada Life!! They are phenomenal. Check out one of their hits here:

Anyway, Tingle and I will be there for their “Life in Color” tour. I’m rocking VIP tickets, of course. With VIP tickets to DayGlow, you get rushed entry, a backpack, a tshirt, a bottle of paint, a wristband, shades, a cd, and a towel (for wiping off excess paint). So I am incredibly excited. Here’s the trailer for this Thursday’s event. I’m skipping class for this. We will be in the front row, and it will be awesome.

After Shot, DayGlow October 2011

And us, after the show!

Stay tuned for our experience with the show on Thursday!