Being a college student is complicated – especially if you want to run a blog. If you have been following us, you will notice that our site has not changed much…ever. That is because I haven’t had even the smallest amount of time to wrestle around with Photoshop to make this site just a bit more attractive.

Same goes for posts. My goal was to post something of substance about once a week, but as I said before, this is crunch time for me. I am not only a full time student but also work full time as a Resident Assistant, which is a job I would recommend to NO one if you expect to keep your sanity.

Anyway, just asking you not to give up hope on us. Its finals week for me, which means guess what? All of next week will be spent updating you on us Nerd Girls and prettying up the site!

I do have an announcement though. I have created a Twitter. I hated on it for years, but I think it would be a really neat way to connect with those of you that read this blog! Follow me on Twitter at @SoVeryAary. Is that how it works? If I’m wrong, please comment and tell me. This Twitter thing is very foreign to me and I have no clue how to work it, let alone use the proper lingo.

Discussion question of the day: If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats on their feet, what happens if you strap toast to the back of a cat and drop it? =P

Respond in the comments below! ❤