Hold on a second. *big sigh of relief*

Hokay. Welcome, finally, to Nerd Girls IRL – the way it is MEANT to be seen!!! If you have been to our site before, you’ll notice some changes. The blog actually has a design on the background, and our banner is no longer two random naked anime chicks taking a bath together. For the record, I put that up as a total joke with Tingle on the night we created the blog, and I just never made something suitable to replace it until now XP. We are both straight as an arrow and do not take bubble baths together. Sorry guys.

You will also notice that our pages across the top of the site ACTUALLY HAVE CONTENT in them now. Check them out! I think they are pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Soon, we will also make a page that has a running list of the upcoming conventions we will be attending.

Please check out the sidebar as well. That is where you will find categories, archives, and all of our tweets. Follow us on Twitter, and mention us in a tweet so that we know where you found us!

Otherwise, that’s pretty much it. Before I go out of town this weekend, I will post about everything that has been happening since finals started, as a LOT of big things are happening. You can expect regular posts from now on though!

Much love! Please comment, ask questions, and leave feedback! We want to cater to the readers we have!

❤ ❤ ❤