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I’m really bad at this! Wonderful, Amazing, Brilliant Aary give up Diablo 3 in order to revamp our site yesterday. I unfortunately have been very negligent to this blog, and now it my time to apologize for that. I have been consumed it attempting…ATTEMPTING to play Dark Souls. It isn’t working out so well. I can not advance past the second boss >.< That shit cray!

In other news, I’m gettin’ pumped for ColossalCon! I will be wearing my Mion Sonozaki cosplay, and hopefully I will have my Tingle and S.T.A.R.S. cosplay completed, so keep an eye out! So effing pumped! However, not I’m not so pumped about forgetting to pre-register! To those who dont frequent the con scene, pre-registering is a MUST! Lucky Tingle here get to stand in line for probably several hours in order to get her badge…fuuuuuuuu…

But oh well! I’ll just get the party started while I’m waiting in line…that will make time past faster, right? Are any of you sexuals out there going to Colossal? Cosplays you will be wearing? Comment and let me know to keep an eye out for our awesome followers! ❤