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Edit: See my review of my first adventure to A&G Ohio here.

When I first started gaming, I didn’t really care much about the credits. All I cared about was the story: not who wrote it or who acted in it. Its not that I refused to acknowledge that it took tons of people to put such a wonderful video game together for my enjoyment – I just never recognized the names and didn’t see the point in paying attention. Until I started attending conventions.

For those of you reading this that have never gone to conventions, the cons are not just crazy drunk fests with no semblance of organization (even though many congoers turn them into just that 😉 ). The conventions often book a number of guests that they feel their attendees will want to meet and interact with. As I’ve circled around the different conventions every year, I’ve come to understand and recognize many of the guests that grace the cons with their presence. They not only give autographs, but  often host panels involving their respective professions in some shape or form.

This past convention I had the privilege not only to meet the voice of Master Chief (Steve Downes), but also an actor/voice over artist by the name of D.C. Douglas. When I arrived at A&G con, all I knew about this guy was that Tingle TOTALLY had a fangirl crush on him. That was ALL I heard about A&G from Tingle: “He’s the voice of Wesker from Resident Evil!!!! Wahhh CANNOT WAIT!!!” That pretty much sums up her excitement. Me, who didn’t know who he was at that point: “Haha, cool stuff, Tingle.” I now regret my lack of initiative to check out the credentials of the guests of this particular con before I got there… but I’ll get to that in a minute.

After our friend AJ came to the rescue with some extra cover art (because Tingle was a genius and forgot her Resident Evil cover art for D.C. to sign), Tingle was pretty much beside herself. I ended up tagging along with her and my friends to a very certain entertaining panel run by him. Not only was he a fun, awesome guy to listen to, he also gave a way BIG prizes, including but not limited to Mass Effect games, Resident Evil 5 games, and various DVDs in which he had a part in. My friend Corey, dressed up as Mario, won quite a few things from D.C. by answering trivia questions correctly.

This being the first time I had paid full attention to a guest at a con, I was truly impressed by D.C.. He not only was incredibly entertaining, but SUPER nice. After the panel, he took the time to sit down and talk with every fan that requested autographs outside the allotted autograph panel and or pictures with him. This fascinated me! This is what is so cool about the guests at conventions. They are very friendly and appreciative of their devoted fans. Now, I didn’t have anything for him to sign, nor did I want to take up space in line when there were fans who actually knew and truly understood his work that wanted to see him. But, I waited patiently for my friends to get their autographs and took pictures of them with him, then went on our merry way.

When we got home, Tingle was still celebrating her acquisition of his autograph and had decided to look online to see what else he had on his resume. “Aary, did you know he’s in that .Hack game you like so much??” I looked at her, and looked at the webpage she had pulled up. “WHATTTTTTTT!!!!! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS I LOVE THAT CHARACTER I KNEW I SHOULD’VE GOTTEN HIS AUTOGRAPH DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT!!!!!!” That pretty much sums up that reaction.

So, anyway, disappointment in myself, I resolved to follow him on FaceBook and hope beyond all hope that he would be at another convention I go to someday, considering he is not only in my favorite game ever, but also has had parts in a number of my favorite TV shows that are on the air currently (Castle, NCIS LA, 2 Broke Girls). Then I picked up a Twitter account. Naturally, I followed him on there as well. Which brings me to what inspired me to write this post – I just recently had a legitimate conversation with him on Twitter! Its been very fun and exciting to banter with him about the A&G panel. The fact that someone as well known as him, with thousands of followers, can take the time to respond to his fan’s tweets is really quite cool and has definitely made me respect him even more. So if you don’t know who he is, check him out and certainly follow him on Twitter. You can see it all on my page if you check out my profile! The link to follow me is on the left.

And the moral of the story is: Read the guest bios each con puts into their programs so you don’t mess up like me and NOT get the autograph of the guy who voiced an awesome character in your favorite game.