A bit long, but stick with it till the end:

I have started working my summer job again, so now I have to force myself to sleep like a normal person…sucks right?  Since I do not work today, last night I decided to have a marathon session of Mass Effect 2 (it has taken me WAY too long to beat this game).  Since I’m being one of those horrible people and only playing the main story line (at least on this run through), I looked up a list of required missions for basic story progression.  I realize that I had already completed most of them, so I continue the Dossier Missions, and after I have recruited everyone, something is still not right.

As I search through my journal, I find that I had forgotten to open the pod that I obtained when I rescued The Warlord.  Okay, not a big deal, I got to the storage compartment and open the pod. Everything should be fine and dandy now…My mission should list as completed right? I have done all the objectives, and my team is full.

Except its not fine and dandy!  I’m like “dude, wtf” so I start to do some research and find that there is a small glitch where an enemy can get trapped between two doors. When the player passes through these doors, they close, becoming locked for eternity, trapping the enemy between them. If this happens, it is impossible for the Dossier: The Warlord to ever be considered complete.  Because of this unexpected twist, I, the queen of rage quits, quit playing. If anyone has suggestions of what to do, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

OH! And BTW, My initial “completion” of this mission was about 5 hours into my game…I am now 13 fucking hours in, and I CAN NOT think of a solution other than restarting the game.