ColossalCon is tomorrow and I’M SO EXCITED! Just wanted to add a quick post before I disappear into the world of anime…

I am staying the night with a friend tonight, and if all goes as planned, I will have revived my Mion Sonozaki wig for my cosplay 😀 I will also be wearing a steampunk cosplay and I WILL TAKE PICTURES DAMN IT! If you don’t know, I have also done a cosplay of Liliana Of The Veil (Magic The Gathering card), Misa Amane (Death Note), and a different steampunk cosplay, but for my lack of patience, I have no pictures of them 😦 I will take pictures at ColossalCon! I will! It must happen!

You can expect a review of ColossalCon 2012 sometime next week!

How many of our readers will be attending? Comment or Tweet and let us know! Who knows, maybe we’ll even bump into each other at Colossal…but please, no unexpected glomping!