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As you all know, my best friend and partner in crime is my fellow author of this blog SoVeryAary.  For the next few weeks, she will not be posting due to an AMAZING opportunity that could not be passed up. She is currently participating in some super cool activities that prevent her from accessing a computer, so until she returns to, it will be all in my hands…lets hope I don’t screw this up!

Now, for those of you who keep up with us Nerd Girls, you will know that I attended ColossalCon 2012 this weekend and it was amazing! Sadly, I was not able to fix the wig for my Mion cosplay 😦 I did wear a very pretty steampunk outfit, but due to my inability to find members of my group, I, yet again, have no pictures >.<  I met many awesome people; however, my entire weekend passed in one large blur 😉

One really awesome part of ColossalCon was the impromptu rave that started Saturday night.  After setting up in a room and being shut down, one of the DJ’s decided to go into a hallway of the convention center, where we could be as loud as we wanted. Once a large group had formed and the other panels had ended, we were all invited into one of the panel rooms, where a second DJ joined the fun. Since my lovely Aary was unable to attend, I didn’t dance at all; however, I got some killer pictures! Huge thanks to the DJ’s for letting me invade their stage! (Check them out on soundcloud: barksquad and tetsuo618)

Overall, Colossalcon was the most social con I’ve attended. No matter where I walked, I found someone new to hang out with or a new party to join.  Although there were no DC Douglas fangirl moments, or Aary to party with, I can honestly say that ColossalCon 2012 was my favorite convention (thus far).