Well, it’s started again >.< I have downloaded League of Legends for the second time, and so far this experience is much better than my first. With the assistance of the wonderful Asian Man, I was able to actually play a game, ask the questions I needed to ask, and didn’t get bitched at for being a noob! It was really nice; however, I still suck! I’ve got 10 different people telling me 10 different ways to play, and no matter what, the other 9 people are wrong. No explination as to why they are wrong…they just are.  So for any of our readers, feel free to add me on LoL, but beware, I’m bad at LoL. I mean I’m worse that Alexander’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! I’m bad. But I will learn…I will BE A MAN, for victory calls! I’ll just hit every fuckin’ button!

And I leave you with this: