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Since summer started I have been working like a normal person, and that has greatly decreased the amount of nerd activity in my life 😦

However, I will be attending a very small convention this weekend with a couple of con-virgins!  I will be chatting with the wonderful DC Douglas, meeting the voice actor for Brock, and playing Humans vs Zombies (HvZ)!!!!!!!!

For anyone who does not know what HvZ is, it is the most epic game of tag EVER! Click right here for the offical Humans vs. Zombies website.  Essentially HvZ is a game of tag, humans wear orange, zombies green (usually). The zombie virus is spread through touch, so when a zombie tags a human, that human turns into a zombie.  But don’t fret over those less athletic humans who were always the first tagged in your childhood games, for in HvZ all humans are allowed to protect themselves with Nerf guns and sock grenades!

I am terribly excited for this weekend and will soon post details on my experience as Chiisaicon as well as EXITED, HAPPY, JOVIAL, EXTRAVAGANT, BOISTEROUS EXCLAMATIONS ABOUT THE RETURN OF SOVERYAARY!!!!!!!!!