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Have I been? I ran off and abandoned my half of the blog quite suddenly. I had had these plans since May, but never got around to posting about it (I am a bit of a procrastinator). For the record, it seems Tingle did a good job of keeping up with it in my absence, no? 😉

I just recently returned to the country from a month long trip to Costa Rica. I was enrolled in a field course in primatology, and spent a month out in the rainforest chasing monkeys through the trees. And it was the most fantastic experience of my life.

This particular post will not involve nerd-dom, but as this was such a crucial part of my life I really would like to share it. I wont make it a terribly long post. If you have never traveled outside the country, I really insist you do so. Your perspective changes when you travel. You meet so many new people – who have had different experiences and different lifestyles than that of your own. For example: The United States is a very time driven society. We are always rushing – and must always be on time. In Costa Rica, that pressure and rush does not exist. Things get done when the get done – it is less stress, and much easier going (albeit sometimes inconvenient, we had a driver show up an hour late once).

Furthermore, my particular experience has illuminated that in my life which is truly luxury. In the rainforest, I stayed in an open air cabin. There was minimal electricity, running water (only cold, from the river), and no air conditioning. It was somewhat uncomfortable at times, but I never found myself wanting for anything. It was truly fascinating to see what little one person needs to be comfortable!

Don’t get me wrong – I am super excited to be back into my life nerdiness! Guild Wars 2 is getting ready to be released, and I’ve finally begun prep for my costume 😉 It just was truly a life experience for me, and I recommend each and every person who reads this to take a month out of their life and travel somewhere outside the States – your perspective and horizons will change as well!

If you wish to hear more about my trip, please contact us at the email listed on our about page, found at the top of the screen. I would be more than happy to share!

Spider Monkey in Costa Rica

Stay tuned – I will be updating with the adventures Tingle and I have had since I returned!