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Me and my freshly showered self displaying my newest game purchase!

If you aren’t aware of what I am holding in my hand, it is considered one of the scariest video game series created (at least for PS2). The back of the game case states that it is a game that “involves grisly murders, and evil cult, and restless spirits.” Seems okay, right? Wrong.  I’ve been told the really scary one is the second in the series, “Crimson Butterfly,” but I refuse to play video games out of sequence.

Having been released in 2002, Fatal Frame is more than an old game. It is a really old game. And I recognize I am way behind the times when it comes to playing this game – but not only is it hard to find, it is incredibly expensive. Then, of course, there is the problem that I am quite possibly the jumpiest person on the the face of the Earth.

I’ve literally had this game a week and a half, and have yet to play it. I am absolutely terrified. When I say I am jumpy, I mean SUPER jumpy. When I watched Saw for the first time with my dorm, I ended up being more entertaining than the movie. I jumped at every sudden change of camera angle and musical tone. When someone sneaks up behind me, I will more than likely scream bloody murder (as my manager at the restaurant I work at has discovered much to his sadistic amusement)! I had a boyfriend almost lose an ear and his left hand to my frightful clinging during the most recent Friday the 13th movie…and as masochistic as it sounds, no matter how much I freak or try to literally climb into some poor person’s skin, I love it. It is so much fun to be scared out of your wits for a time, and then come back to reality.

Bottom line? I couldn’t be more excited to dive into this game. Aside from the whole being terrified to begin it thing. I keep staring at its creepy cover, and keep putting it off. Then I realized – there is no way I can start playing this without recording my outrageous and completely unstaged reactions to some of the most terrifying (and probably not so terrifying, considering my track record) moments of this game! It will be more than entertaining – that I promise you.

So this is my pledge to you, readers: I will NOT PLAY THIS GAME until I have the ability to record my scaredy-cat self and my gameplay. I’ve got scaredy-cat self covered – I have a video camera. As for the gameplay? I have to buy a recorder for my tv.

And I have no money. =( So that may be a bit. But it shall happen! And It shall be epic.