I just realized I updated our music page but never announced it anywhere but Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been so post-happy and ADD since I got back in the country, that it completely slipped my mind!

This week’s pick for me comes from Calvin Harris. I’ve always liked his stuff (even the over-played and over-rated single that plagued the mainstream radios for a while), so when a friend sent me a link to his newest song, I immediately checked it out.

I am absolutely in love with this song. I couldn’t even truly tell you why, other than that it captivates me. Between the builds and drops (which are like a drug to me) and the ambiguous lyrics, it just sets me up to daydream and lose myself in thought. And rock out and dance around like an idiot to an awesome beat.

I have already informed my friend that if I don’t hear this song at least once during my 21st birthday shenanigans, it means we are doing it wrong.

Thats 2.5 weeks away, by the way…not that I’m counting or anything.