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Note: Guys, unless you are truly interested in how I managed this look, you may just want to skip this post. It is nothing but icky nasty girl stuff 😉

Side view of the entire ‘hawk!

Today, I decided to experiment with a new hairstyle for future raves. Every rave, every year, I have the same issue. I show up with my hair down and looking sexy, only to tie it up twenty minutes later into a sloppy ponytail/bun to keep it from ending up stringy, sweaty, and clinging to the back of my neck. Attractive, no? I’m telling you – I am tired of it! So, to YouTube I went, confident I could find a tutorial to suit my ever-developing search for my signature rave look.

I’ve had the idea of wanting to try a faux-hawk for some time now, but with the amount of hair I have (which is a lot) and how thick it is (which is VERY), I wasn’t sure how to pull it off. I attempted it once on my own using a poorly constructed video tutorial and, 50 bobby pins and many curse words later, it ended badly.

Now, a couple months and one boredom inspired Google search later, I found a much better tutorial! If you are interested in creating your own faux-hawk, it can be found here.

The faux-hawk couldn’t have turned out better for my first attempt – considering I didn’t use hairspray or any sort of gel to construct it (I had to go to work shortly after and didn’t want my hair gummed up, nor would my manager have appreciated me showing up with a mohawk and crazy makeup). Next time, I will most certainly slick the ponytail back to just give it a bit more contrast next to the curly ‘hawk hair, as well as try curling the hair with my straightener rather than with a curling iron. All of my curls fell out pretty quickly, as curls in my hair made by a curling iron typically do. It sounds crazy, but I swear by the fact that the curls I make by manipulating my straightener are more impressive and hold much better than those made by a curling iron.


As for my eye makeup, I just found every bright color eyeshadow I had and simply had fun with it. I also rediscovered my liquid eyeliner – I can’t believe I ever forgot it! If you are interested in how I did my eyes, please comment and I would be more than happy to elaborate. =)

I plan to wear this at the next rave I go to. It withstood the headbanging test as I stupidly danced about my room, and thus has earned my approval. I intend to weave some LED fiber optic hair into the look, and/or stick some glowsticks in it somehow.

How about you ladies? Or gents, if you read through this to the end – what is your signature raving look? Post pics! I want to see!