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I’m not one to participate in debate, nor will I participate now. You will NOT find an essay or dissertation authored by me here. You have your views, and I respect them just as much as I expect you to respect mine. If you are not willing to at least listen to others with an open mind, your views and opinions will never progress. However, in light of the current explosion of controversy after the CEO of Chik-fil-a announced his views regarding the choices of LGBT individuals, I simply find it hard to stay silent.

The culture in which Tingle and myself reside is one that is heavily populated with LGBT individuals. Many of those individuals are our close friends. Honestly? I cannot imagine my life without them. They are fun-loving, caring, intelligent individuals that only enhance and increase my enjoyment of my experience at the conventions, raves, and other general nerd shenanigans. And, Lord help you if you attempt to bring harm to ANY one of my friends, gay or straight, in my presence (ask Tingle – I’m scary when I’m angry. I mean, green raging hulk monster scary).

I don’t care what your beliefs are. They are yours, and it is not my place to fault you for them. However, I will not support you if you are in the business of bringing harm to others that only want to be like you. That is where I stand. I do not care whether you are anti or pro-gay. That is your business. I may not understand WHY you are anti-gay, as I do not see how it inconveniences you in any way, but that is the extent of my concern. It is only when I realized that the CEO of Chik-fil-a supports bringing harm and sadness to my friends that I became upset, and absolutely disappointed. I admire him for his strength in sticking with his Christian beliefs, but I find it hard to support him in saying that he is a true Christian when he is actively supporting organizations that seek to hurt to my friends.

Am I boycotting Chic-fil-a? Not really. I boycott and rarely eat fast food for the mere fact that it is fattening, unhealthy, and generally disgusting. Odds are, I’ll probably eat there once I am back at college because it is one of the only places I can afford to eat. However, those of you that are in support of this organization should know where your money eventually goes.

I could not have put this in better words myself – this is a very well written and informative essay that I urge anyone who is remotely interested in this issue to read with an open mind.

If you wish to comment about this, you are welcome to do so, but keep in mind that any comments that escalate above civilized discussion WILL BE DELETED. I’ll not have a firefight on my article.