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First and foremost:

I LOVE MY BODY! Please understand that RIGHT NOW! I have a few things I don’t particularly like…everyone does. Now, as I continue in this post, please refrain from assuming that I have a low body image, low confidence, or that I am talking bad about myself. I am a full figure girl. That means I have hips, thick thighs, a bit of a belly, and BOOBS! I got boobs GALORE! Acknowledging these things means accepting that I am a bit bigger than the average 21-year-old and that in fashion terms I am a plus size chick.

None of this is damaging to me or the way I feel about myself, what is damaging is the fact that I am unable to express my thoughts about fashion to most people without being told to stop talking bad about myself or that I need to have more confidence…that I “need to love my body.”    I ALREADY DO BITCH!

Now, on to the point of this lovely little rant 🙂

I have been trying for way too long to come up with a cute rave outfit that hid my problem areas while emphasizing my…assets…a task that has proven quite difficult. The fashion industry in itself rarely caters to bigger women, and as far a rave fashion goes…ha! I’ve had no luck at all finding anything even remotely suitable online, loads of belly flaunting, ass showing skimpy outfits… these things do not work with my body! I have boobs. They are what needs to be shown off, but every top that shows off how nice my boobs are also shows off how pasty white my belly is (I’m a lifeguard who sees no use in tanning beds)!

So this is my plea…is there anyone out there who can help me find rave cloths for girls who aren’t comfortable sporting midriff tanks or lingerie? Please share the names of websites or stores in comments! I will love you forever ❤

On a happier note, I finally figured out how to make my cyberlox look right, and I have become OBSESSED with kandi! Look for my next post for some pics of both ❤ ❤ ❤