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I have been like a DIY queen the past few months!

From Kandi to Cyberlox to T-shirt reconstruction! I have made dreads and dyed overalls. I have started making a purse. I made solar system necklaces. I have even drawn pictures on shoes. Here are some pictures of some of the stuff I’ve made 🙂

Blue Double Ended Dread

My Kandi collection so far (I did not make the one closes to front)

My cyberlox

My solar system necklace

MTG mana shoes

Within the next week I will be starting my first natural colored set of synthetic dreads! I CAN’T WAIT! Hopefully I will be sporting them for the first time at Matsuri, along with my full rave outfits. Sadly, I was unable to get a decent picture of either rave outfit, so you will just have to keep checking back for them 🙂

Any of our readers out there planning to attend Matsuri? Any ideas for my next DIY project?