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Apologies for not posting in so long – Last week was my birthday, and this week has been dominated by money-making and preparing for my move back to school (which I succesfully did yesterday). I promised a recap of my birthday celebration, so here it is! If you aren’t interested in that, I posted my plans for my next few posts down at the bottom of this post if you would like to know what plans I am concocting.

Wednesday, August 8th, was my ACTUAL birthday. I turned 21 (whoop whoop!). Naturally, that involved a celebration! My mother, just before midnight, poured me a glass of wine and told me to be “a delinquent just one last time.” As if I had ever drank while underage… >.> . Anyway, then my first public drink was a Leinie’s Summer Shandy at a local grill my mom took me out to for lunch.

Me and my beer!

Then, true to my German heritage, my parents took me out to the local German bar & restaurant and we had a jolly old time – complete with beer, music, dancing with old men who have NO clue how to polka, creepy old german men that insisted on stopping me and telling me their sexual escapades (you can’t make this shit up), and MORE beer.

After trying a sampler of every beer they had, I determined the dark beer was my favorite.

I even had a tiara and a pin the said “Kiss the Birthday Girl,” which not only did I wear at the restaurant, but also out with Tingle and my other friends when I traveled to school to celebrate with them. And that’s when I got far more intoxicated than I expected to. However, I conducted myself AND held my alcohol quite well, and am happy to report I wasn’t even the slightest bit hung over the next morning, regardless of how hard Corwin, Tingle, Michael, and J.T tried (thanks for the drinks, guys!). It was a fun night at a local college bar filled with music, friends, pong, lots of alcohol, and Ms. Pacman. Yes, the Nerd Girls IRL just HAPPENED to choose the only table in the joint that had a functional Ms. Pacman arcade table top. Which we played with proudly.

TheRealTingle and I, in all our glory!

Suffice to say, a good time was had by all. Oh – and those fishbowls in that picture were probably the TASTIEST drinks I’ve ever had. I am a girl, and I like my candy ass drinks. Those tasted like liquid sweet tart.

I’d like to shout out now to all my friends that went the extra mile and bought me presents, even though I TOLD THEM NOT TO. Tingle, for my t-shirt, bracelets (even though a parrot ate one of them :/), and tiny army of comic book action figures (picture on my twitter). Jeromy, for buying me EVERY type of Reese’s the brand has to offer. Chris, for finding me some seriously high quality neon face makeup for me to rock at the raves. Memo – for my bottle of wine. AJ – for probably the best 3DS game thus far: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance! And my parents for buying me quite the assortment of sample bottles of liquor, as well as a Mike’s Hard lemonade assortment, a couple pandora beads, and my beautiful diamond earrings. Thank you so much, everybody!

Future post plans can be expected to go as follows: A review of the awesome makeup Chris got me, my impressions of KH3D, my sad sob story about how I’m not going to get to play Guild Wars 2 when it releases, and any other crafty shit I decide to get into. Oh, and a music update. Tingle and I haven’t touched that in a while.

Matsuricon is next weekend! You will find us there! A thorough video blog can be expected to follow that as well 😉