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SoVeryAary and TheRealTingle in all our raving glory!

Hello lovely readers!

We handed out a number of our cards this weekend – if you found our site a result of that, PLEASE comment! We would love to hear from you again! We made lots of new friends this weekend – even Batman and Bane set aside their differences and partied together!

This past weekend was a huge success. I am STILL recovering from what I lovingly refer to as a “Con Hangover.” I am still exhausted, two days after coming home. I even took a nap today, after which waking up from it felt like I was the living dead. Post-Con Depression is setting in as well – I want nothing more than to be back there now.

We got tons of funny videos this weekend, and you can bet I will be posting that within the next few days, as well as a more detailed account of our experience with Matsuri. Keep your eyes peeled! We have a music update coming soon too!