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Ahh. It’s been a week since the convention. I no longer am suffering from my “con hangover” as I call it, and I wish nothing more than to be back there with all my friends doing what we do best: raving, partying, and just plain having a damn good time. But hey! Check it out! Without further ado, here is our video of all the shenanigans from the con!

Friday night started off a little later than usual for us. We left the university late due to my calculus class, and didn’t make it to the good ole convention center in Columbus, OH until about 9pm. When we finally made it to our room in the Drury Inn, Tingle and I were both greeted quite enthusiastically by old friends (I myself was practically tackled by one of them), and quickly made new ones as we didn’t know the rest of the people that were staying with us! As it turns out, we were staying with 2 DJs who were friends with a number more. There was LOTS of music and drinks to be had! Friday night ended up being fairly uneventful though – as the drinks showed up even later than we did – but we had quite a good night anyway, playing Super Smash Bros Melee (in which I beat our friend Goofy multiple times), rocking out to awesome mixes, and just generally being silly and having a good time.

Me and Tingle, goofing off in our room!

Saturday proved to be MUCH more entertaining. Tingle and I, being poor kids, didn’t bother to buy badges and chose to wander the public areas of the con. Which ended up being quite well structured! Aside from panel rooms and the dealer room, everything was out on the main floor where people could look and buy. We wandered up and around Artist’s Alley many times – the amount of craftsmanship was astonishing! We encountered quite an array of jewelry, handmade plushies, pins, badges, and illustrations. I myself bought a Kingdom Hearts badge for my little brother (Axel with “Got it Memorized?”) and a necklace.

We spent a lot of our time hanging around the public area where the game “Ninja” was taking place. One of our friends, who you will see in the video, has built quite a reputation playing this game at a number of conventions – he is quite easily one of the hardest to beat, between his flexibility and his talent at evading attack.

After a while, another friend (Rave Cowboy in the video) approached us and asked us for help in getting him into his costume: Bryan Fury from Tekken. This is where our fun truly began! Apparently, he had worn this costume before, but had NO recollection of how to put all the straps on the pants on again. It became QUITE amusing as he struggled to put the costume on – he kept putting the straps on wrong, sticking himself with pins, and it was just a general disaster. Me, being the good friend I am, sat back and laughed as he and Tingle struggled with it – I know nothing about Tekken and would not have been much help. We eventually got him all put together: pants, fake scars, tattoo and all, and set off to let him strut about a couple times. We didn’t get very far – one of the custodial staff stopped him and warned him that he couldn’t wander about without covering his chest with bandaids – security would throw him out.

WHAT. As the nice man and his female coworker explained, apparently in Ohio there is a rule that men can’t wander about shirtless with their nipples hanging out. Something about how its not fair to women, since they HAVE to cover their chests when in public if they expect not to get arrested. I tell you what – If I wandered about with nothing but band-aids to cover me, that would not fly. So its STILL unfair! Haha. Anyway, we sent our friend off to cover himself appropriately, while Tingle and I discussed with the female custodial employee about how if it were up to HER, she wouldn’t care one bit if he strutted about shirtless just the way he was (our friend works out and is quite nice eyecandy =P).

After our friend was done strutting, we all went and got ready for the rave. I finally got to wear my new and incredibly awesome Tripp pants that aren’t actually Tripps, and they were AWESOME! We borrowed badges from friends so that we could see our friend DJ Everett‘s set at the rave, and he was BY FAR the best set there. Check his SoundCloud profile here. All of his mixes are there. Tingle and I had quite a ball at the rave – dancing about and just losing ourselves in the music – ESPECIALLY when Gangnam Style came on! It was certainly one of the most fun raves I have been to. Bane and Batman were there as well – I bumped into Batman outside the rave, where he informed me I was his favorite. Not sure why – but, being a Batman fan, I certainly can’t complain about that. Bane also informed a friend, “You now have my permission rave.”

Afterwards, we made our way back to the room and settled down, with more music and fun. There was LOTS of insane arguing, ranging from my incorrect pronunciation of words, to whether or not the light bulbs in the hotel room looked like an arc reactor (all of which are on video). We eventually went to sleep, but I only got an hour considering I was sleeping on the floor and people were talking over me. And thus, the next morning, ended our Matsuricon experience. We checked out of the hotel, said goodbye to all of our new friends, and left Columbus very exhausted – but happy. There is just something about conventions – they are unlike anything else in the world!

Were you at Matsuricon? Did you find us because we gave you our card? Please comment and let us know! We would love to hear from you!