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For those of you who don’t know, the idea for this blog was sparked by two friends joking about our quest for the ever elusive nerd boy. Well this is the first OFFICIAL post about said nerd boys! Here are a few tips for finding and keeping a nerd girl IRL:

1. Grow a pair- if you like a girl, ask her out! Simple as that.

2. The Double Tap- if you don’t know how important it is, leave now. Just leave.

3. Fuck the friendzone- if you end up there, it is by your own doing. You can stop it from happening…wana know how? By growing a pair. Don’t submit yourself to her games (let’s face it, bitches play games, and 80% of the “frienzoners” are bitches). Don’t allow yourself to be pushed into that “friend” area. It’s a strike while the iron is hot kind of thing.

4.  Relax bro- if you grew a pair and made it past the friendzone bitch, relax! The majority of the work is already done! She has said yes, which means that she is at least willing to give you a chance, so relax. Don’t bombard her with text messages or berate her in chat with how excited you are, it kinda makes you seem desperate, and no one likes desperate.

5. When she is in cosplay, do NOT stare solely at her boobs- if you do, she will probably think you’re a creep.

6. Talk damn it- if she said yes to your date, it means she wants to give you a chance to show her what you are like. Sitting in a silent movie theater or letting her ramble on throughout the night does not do that. Join the conversation!

7. Be realistic- if you don’t already know, you are not going to have the same interests as every girl out there. As the magestical Jenna Marbles pointed out, you will have NOTHING in common with a supermodel who wants you to buy her Gucci and take her to expensive dinners all the time! So, when looking for that wonderful girl to date, find one who will understand and respect the fact that you spend half of your life in front of a computer or gaming console (we are out there, PROMISE).

8. Some memes are true- if you see a chick taking pictures in nerdy glasses and a slutty batman costume, but then see/hear NOTHING more about nerd life, chances are she really is a slut who found some glasses.

9. Make some effort- if a girl is asked on a date, she will ALWAYS make an effort to look good for you. No matter what, she deserves the same from you. It is terribly hurtful and annoying to go on a date after spending HOURS getting ready, just to find that the guy threw on a dirty old shirt and didn’t shower. It’s rude. Don’t make her feel like she isn’t worth looking nice for.

10. DO NOT hide who you are- if you can’t have a nerd-gasm over the newest video game or MTG card that you acquired, then she’s not for you. You need to find a chick who will accept you and care for you. If she isn’t interested in the same things, at least make sure that she RESPECTS your nerdisms. The last thing anyone want is to be with someone who makes fun of or resents the things you love.

This concludes my first set of tips for all you struggling nerd boys! Hope they helped you at least a little =D If you have any specific questions or concerns, just comment, tweet or message me and I will do my best to help you! ❤ ❤ ❤