Tingle and I have been running this blog a little over 6 months now. It’s hard to keep up with it sometimes, especially with as busy as out lives are, but we do our best. Seeing as its been 6 months already (I can hardly believe it), I thought I would let you all in on a little bit more about me and my world.

My brother and I, at our very finest.

I have one baby brother who lovingly resides in my phone contacts as “Little Snot Bag.” He’s a blonde, 13 year old imp who absolutely LOVES to give me hell. I live away from home 9 months out of the year – but those 3 months I am home, we do nothing but bicker, fight, and beat each other. When we are apart, all I can do is brag about how smart and wonderful he is, and according to his friends he talks about me all the time. It is the PERFECT brother/sister relationship.

And he is a BIG NERD.

A nerdy sister couldn’t be more proud. It started out when I got my PlayStation One, way back in the day. Ah, the good ole days of Spyro and Crash Bandicoot… He wouldn’t leave me alone. Sat for hours watching me play my video games, and begging me to let him play. Eventually, I bought myself a PS2 and passed the PS1 down to him, hoping it would get him off my back. Boy was I wrong – He came back with a vengeance, watching me play Final Fantasy X, .Hack//G.U., Kingdom Hearts, DDR, and countless other games. The begging and sharing of the PS2 continued until he accidentally deleted my game files… not just once, BUT TWICE. After suffering my wrath after losing ALL my Final Fantasy data, he eventually procured a PS2 of his own, as well as an Xbox 360. He’s left my stuff alone (for the most part) ever since.

However, I should have known this delicate peace wouldn’t last forever. Now that he is officially in high school, all I have heard from him is how badly he wants to go to SugoiCon, and dress up as Roxas. Now, at first, the big sister within me COMPLETELY freaked. Oh my God, I thought, he is going to ruin EVERYTHING! I’M NOT BABYSITTING HIM AT THE ONE PLACE A YEAR I GET TO RUN AROUND AND BE A COMPLETE IDIOT!!!! I was afraid he would completely smother me. Eventually, after a long talk with mom, I kind of got over it – especially when she reassured me I would not be babysitting.

As the months after I learned of his desire to go to SugoiCon passed, I’ve begun to realize just how much of an impact I’ve had on this kid, and I am so proud of him! He’s become obsessed with techno music (granted, this needs work since he listens to the same seven tracks that no DJ would be caught dead dropping in a set – but its a start), he reads manga like its going out of style, and he absolutely LOVES the kandi cuffs! *Wipes tear from eye*

He’s *slightly* obsessed with Monster Energy.

It just baffles me how much of an impact one person can have on another, and it’s made me realize – it is our responsibility, nay, our duty, to teach the younger generations what is good in the nerdy universe in which we live. You never know who is watching you and trying to learn. I mean, since hes discovered EDM, my little brother wants to learn to DJ. I’ve hooked him up with a friend of mine who gave him software, and he’s been working at it ever since. And thank GOD he knows what the first generation PokeMon are (thanks to my old yellow version).

Originally, I was freaking out at the thought of my brother having the same interests as me. It was like he was invading my territory or something. Then I finally realized – whether the person be bratty sibiling or best friend – this culture is something to be shared, something to bond with each other over. Or, murder each other over when it comes to multiplayer games.

He checked out as many books as the library would allow him to.

Do you and your siblings have the same interests? Does it make you get along more, or does it just cause more problems? Comment and tell us!