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Hey guys! Therealtingle here…I’m not dead, I’m totally alive and sadly I have been abandoning you nerds for a few weeks =(

But now I’m back and I’m fully prepared to rant and bitch about the horrible EDM experiences I have had recently.

First, I will start with the performance of Deekline and Dirtyloud.  The show was great, music was killer. I was dancing my ass off all night (nearly rubbing blisters on both feet).  That being said, the people were very disappointing. I walked in wearing my kandi and saw one -ONE- other person with kandi, and it was just a single kandi necklace! Highly disappointing. Add in the fact that no one respected the space required for those who were hooping or performing poi, and it just got irritating. It became very clear, very quickly which people were there to rave and which were there to get laid.  On a final happier note, I wore my dreads for the first (and so far only) time and I loved the reactions! Multiple people complimented me on them, one guy even asked for a picture! =D The best part of wearing my dreads were the multiple people who wanted to pet them for some strange reason 😉

Well, as I was writing this post I realized that I have so much to say about Life In Color E.N.D. tour that I will need to make another post, so I will leave you with a picture of my dreads 😀

Brandon and I at Deekline/Dirtyloud