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Now, about those wonderful people who decided Life In Color was a good place to act like a bunch of pigs.

Seriously guys? Are you kidding me?

At the beginning of the night, it didn’t seem like the crowd would be too bad; my friends and I were able to make it to the second row with no trouble. Well, I was wrong. WAAAAY WRONG.  Being the amazing people we are, my friends and I decided that we would rather share one spot on the front line, than try to get enough space for all three of us. So, throughout the first part of the night we would periodically trade places -had a nice little system going- Daryl would start in front, Kitty would stand beside Daryl and slide into place as Daryl stepped back, I would then do the same when Kitty was ready to switch, rinse, lather, repeat. Great plan right? No pushing others out of the way, no stealing of spots, and there was space for two extra people to have a front row view! The story should end here with my friends and me having a beautiful night full of paint and music and dancing and peace and unity and love and respect and PERFECTION.

But no. To start off the rant, let me talk about the drunken idiots in the back of the crowd. These guys kept pushing their way to the front, with security reacting by DRAGGING THEM TO THE FRONT, over the barrier, sending them to the back of the crowd, and then repeating the process! -_- By doing this, they gave the people exactly what they wanted -front row access- and they caused my friend to get kicked in the head. Not just a foot hitting her like when someone crowd surfs, no, full on guy trying to climb over barrier, slipping, and kicking the shit out of her head. *insert rant about how the security guard ignored my plea for him to help my friend who had just gotten kicked in the head, and instead yelled at said friend to get out of his way* After we finally got Daryl out, Kitty joined her, and I went to our spot on the front row. Things went from bad to worse at this point. I had been chatting a bit and even made a kandi trade with one girl who had made her way up front. Being in a great mood because of the music and the dancing and the overall blissfulness I feel at any concert, I decided to let her in front of me since she was short and couldn’t see well. She then started chatting with the guy beside her, and I offered to move over a bit so they could dance together. As I did so, the guy very obviously tried to scoot over and boot me out of my place entirely. NOMOTHERFUCKER!! I am being nice. I am respecting the fact that you think you will get to bang this chick if you dry hump her ass long enough. I am being plur! Don’t be a dick. Don’t…just…just DON’T! The one time I had done something that I thought he might be offended by I said directly to him, “I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be a bitch, your elbow just hurts.” So, after I refused to give up my spot, this guy started elbowing me like crazy! I’ve been to concerts before, I know the difference between an elbow to the ribs from someone who is just going crazy for the show and an elbow from someone who is trying to HURT ME. He was trying to cause me physical pain so that I would leave and he could have my spot. At this point, he has pissed me off beyond imagination and God himself couldn’t have pulled me away from that spot.  When elbowing me wasn’t enough, this guy grabbed my hand and started squeezing it as tight as he could, trying to pull my hand off the barrier. When squeezing my hand didn’t work, he moved to my wrist. Squeezed it so tightly that my wrist hurt for 30 minutes. When squeezing my wrist didn’t work, he went back to elbowing me. When he FINALLY realized that I was NOT MOVING he give up and disappeared. At this point, there was only like 30 minutes left in the show, and I WENT CRAZY. Dancing, screaming, fist pumping, all of it. The only part of the entire night I enjoyed were the first hour and the last 30 minutes.

This is NOT what rave culture is about.

This is NOT how we need to treat each other.

This is NOT what EDM should inspire from people.

This is NOT something Life In Color should be proud of.