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I’m going to go ahead and put this here, in light of the Disney/LucasFilm stuff. I think its pretty sweet. After a friend posted a status about it on FaceBook, it made me wonder: Could it roll over into Kingdom Hearts? A Star Wars world in KH could be pretty legit! Can you imagine the keyblade for that? Holy crap. That’s actually pretty exciting to think about. Let me know your thoughts on the potentials for this business venture!

Edit: I’ve no clue of the legality of it all or if a KH rollover is even possible. This is pure speculation, I just think its kind of nutty to think about! Oh, also, I just had it pointed out to me that Leia is now technically a Disney Princess. How about that mindblow?


Bluntly: Best thing that could happen, especially if you’re a Star Wars fan. George Lucas is the most influential filmmaker of the last half century and we all owe him a debt in terms of how he’s advanced the technical aspects of cinema. But the dude can’t write or direct his way out of a paper bag. Equally bluntly: The best parts of the Star Wars extended universe are the parts where he’s not writing or directing. Thirdly and most bluntly: George Lucas hates all nerds now, because they poop all over him and his can’t-write, can’t-direct ways, and now wouldn’t go back to the Star Wars universe if you paid him.

Now: Disney. Yes, soulless corporate monster that gives babies adorable Mickey Mouse ears and tickles their chins before it swallows their souls. On the other hand: Also smart enough to buy Pixar and Marvel, give their respective brain…

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