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Helloh World!

Aary here! I’ve had a lot of people ask me whether Tingle or I wrote this blog post or that one. You can find the answer quite easily at the top of each post, however, I have realized it is kind of hard to see. Therefore, I’ll be creating badges for both Tingle and myself to place at the bottom of each post. Until then, I’ll announce myself. Makes life easier. Now, for the updates!

1. Once again, we seem to have forgotten what it means to update our music selections weekly. A week just goes by so damn fast, and the next thing I know, I’m already two weeks behind! I would look forward to a new music update soon. I’m still trying to update it weekly, but I really wouldn’t rely on that until I’m out of school. I’m 6 months away from graduating, so that has taken up most of my attention.

2. SUGOICON IS LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AWAY! If you haven’t seen our new “Events” tab at the top of the page, we have posted every convention we plan to make an appearance at. Sugoicon is up next – it is a Japanese animation convention held in Northern Kentucky, and was my very first convention way back when. I would expect full vlog coverage to appear here shortly after, as I intend to video tape the SHIT out of everything. I will not have any new cosplays this year, much to my disappointment. I simply have no money with which to create them. However, I will be running about my con in my faithful traditional Mario costume, because that’s kind of what I do.

3. I dyed my hair purple. I mean, PURPLE. About two weeks ago. It already washed out because I didn’t set it right, but I intend to redo it. I’m planning on posting my experience with that here in the near future as well.

4. Finally, be looking forward to a concert update! I had the good fortune to win two free tickets to see Big Gigantic in Cincinnati, OH this past Thursday, and it was absolutely sick. If you’re into the music I’m into, you’d best look that name up right now.

That’s all for now, I promise to have a new update up within the next day or so! And as always, please feel free to comment, email, or whatever if you want to hear more from us ❤