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Last Wednesday marked the release of Borgore’s newest video, “Decisions,” featuring Miley Cyrus and it has (once again) brought up a topic that I need to share my thoughts on.  Many people are appalled by Borgore’s decision to include Cyrus on this track because she is a “talent-less pop star” or some stupid shit like that.  Borgore hits the nail right on the head with the statement “if someone used to like the tune before he knew she was on it, and now he doesn’t like it just because she’s on it, he’s lying to himself” (Read full article here).

OH MY GOD!  I love this man!  I kinda liked him before- now, it’s love.  Far too often an artist is written off because of what genre they are from or because of who their audience is.  Simply because someone is popular DOES NOT mean they aren’t talented.  What they have done is exactly the same thing that nearly all musicians want- they have made a career out of something they love.  Let’s face the truth here for a moment…making music doesn’t pay the bills unless there is someone to listen to that music.  The more people listen to your music, the more money you make, and the more bills you can pay.  It’s really quite simple.

Miley Cyrus has an exceptional voice. She made a KILLER female vocalist on “Decisions.” Anyone who disputes this fact is looking at a name, not the music.  Let’s stop making decisions about music based on who its from and instead focus on what it makes us feel.  Who’s with me?