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Okay, first of all Sugoicon was AMAZING! I loved seeing all of my friends and getting to know new ones!  Can’t wait to see you all at Ohayocon 2013 XD

As Aary mentioned before, we went up a day early and that was by far the most exciting part of my weekend =) Our friend DJ z3r0 introduced us to Greg Ayres (amazing voice actor and DJ, click here for a list of his works), and the four of us, two kick ass DJ’s and two wonderful kandi kids, spent the entire night talking music, kandi, and other nerdisms.  Needless to say, these nerdgirls were in heaven! By the end of the night, I had tons of new music, a great new friend, and a really REALLY exciting opportunity. Since I haven’t received any conformation yet, I won’t say too much, but I PROMISE to let all of our wonderful readers know when I do, and believe me, its exciting! Ahh! I’m getting all hyped up just thinking about it!  =D

Hokay. So. Friday basically consisted of me running around an giving TONS of hugs! I didn’t get my badge until about 10 Friday night, so I stayed mostly in the room and the common con areas.  And one point, my friend Kong and I decided we wanted to cuddle, about 5 minutes into the cuddling I informed Kong that I was about to fall asleep. His response was “we could always play magic” and INSTANTLY, I MEAN I-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y  we were both up and digging through our bags for our cards. It was by far the most nerdy moment of my entire life. From cuddles to searching for cards and dice, in quite literally a split second, simply at the mention of Magic: The Gathering…not sure if proud…or really, really ashamed.  Aside from nerding out over Magic, Friday was pretty uneventful and full of random people I met and then forgot about the next day!  And as always, I was up majority of the time, but about 6 am I decided I would take a nap, especially since I was to work in the Dealer’s room all day Saturday!

Saturday. UGH! Saturday! 9:30 a.m. rolls around and I report for duty at The Dragon’s Hoard booth in full Applejack cosplay.  Cheap cowboy boots + standing on your feet all day + little sleep + recovering from a night of partying – food = a TERRIBLE day of work.  It was pure torture.  My only relief was the wonderful Captain Shameless.  I love him dearly for understanding my misery and making it bearable! Majority of my Saturday was spent in the booth, prancing around in heels, lacing girls into corsets and just the general hullabaloo of working in a vendor’s booth.  Met and took pictures with some pony friends and received several compliments on my portrayal of Applejack 🙂

After my shift FINALLY ended, I retreated back to my room for a couple of hours where I sat in bed and made kandi and prepared myself for the rave!  And now to the rave.  The rave was grand, once it finally got started and until the hotel shut it down an hour early.  

*The following is a plea to all convention and hotel staff, as well as attendees. Please read carefully.*

Really people?! WTF? The rave is the biggest event I’ve seen at every con I’ve attended. Time, energy, stress and love goes into making each rave a special experience for the con attendees! The event coordinator listens to multiple auditions/mixes/sets/what-have-you and then chooses a select few who he/she thinks will create the best experience for the con-goers. They plan, organize, budget…they do EVERYTHING to make sure the rave is a success. The individual DJ’s play sets specifically for the crowd of people they are playing for.  No good DJ will play the same set at an anime con that they would at a video game con or nightclub or a brony con. When they are told that they will be able to perform at a certain place, they plan a specialized group of songs that will be catered to the audience the night of the show.  Why on earth can’t people respect that???  Not allowing the rave to start on time and/or cutting it short is telling these people  you don’t care about any of the hard work they put into YOUR event!

Now, with my rant out of the way, the Sugoicon 2012 rave was outstanding! Aary and I went HAM! We were both aching within an hour after the rave was shut down, and the remainder of our weekend was spent saying goodbye and showing friends exactly how much we care for each other.

All in all Sugoicon 2012 was a great experience.  I saw a different side of the con life and I have a new-found appreciation for all the hard work and effort required to make a convention successful.  Was your Sugoicon 2012 in fact…sugoi? Mine sure as hell was ❤