Welcome to our humble little blog! Odds are, unless you are a personal friend of ours, you found us via StumbleUpon. Thank you for taking the time to click around and see what we are about!

Nerd Girls IRL: Where Fantasy Becomes Reality is a blog/vlog run by us two nerd girls, SoVeryAary and TheRealTingle. For simplicity’s sake, we just refer to ourselves as Aary and Tingle.

Us, doing what we do best.

Being nerd girls, our interests cover a vast array of nerdy topics from Star Wars to superheroes and from anime conventions to video games. Oh, and let’s not forget boys and music! This blog is simply a record of our adventures and failures when it comes to everything we know and love. We make the fantasy we love into our reality.

So click around, enjoy what you find, and check back with us every once in a while! AND PLEASE comment on our stuff! We LOVE LOVE LOVE feedback! We try to have a couple new posts up every week.

Please feel free to contact us! You can email us at nerdgirlsirl@gmail.com OR you can follow us on Twitter (look to the left for those shortcuts)! If you follow us, mention in a tweet that you found us on our site!


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