Must Hear Music

In addition to our love for all things nerd, we nerd girls love music, dancing, raving, and such. Below are just a couple of the songs we are loving right now. We will attempt to update this about once a week.

Tingle’s Choice:

In relation to my upcoming post, I present you with Misty Mountians- Dorincourt Remix. I found a random download of this song a couple of months ago and had NO CLUE where it came from.  As I was enjoying The Hobbit, they began singing and I was like “OH MY GAWD!” Enjoy 😀

Aary’s Choice:

Tingle speaking:

While Aary has been taking much better care of our blog than I have, she has sadly fallen behind in her music 😛 So while Aary is off drowning herself in new music, I will be posting an additional song this week. (Don’t worry, she won’t be gone for long)

This song is from Kill The Noise, and many people do not care for it.  This makes me sad.  I am in love with this song, and the child featured in it is the most amazing motivational speaker I’ve heard in my life! This selection will require two videos because…well, you gotta hear this kid before you can really enjoy the song! Listen, watch, and love ❤


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